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Here to lift YOU up, one tuck at a time.

Here to lift YOU up, one tuck at a time. Empowered exists to ignite the limitless potential in women through fitness and community.

Empowered’s logo is a Phoenix, which represents our desire to reignite and empower clients to rise up and find hidden strength and resilience. Empowered’s Phoenix is both feminine and fierce, reminding us of Barre’s roots in ballet and the format’s founder, Lotte Berk. Additionally, much of Empowered’s inspiration, instructors, and community originated at AUXO Fitness, and the Phoenix is a nod to its sister studio, which is similarly represented by a strong symbol from Greek mythology. Throughout Greek legends and literary representations, the Phoenix has become an icon of rebirth that, with it, brings happiness and good fortune. Gainesville felt a noticeable void when AUXO shut its doors, and Empowered stands as a renewal and reemergence of this beloved space as well as a symbol of hope and strength.

Empowered Core Values:

Safe and Effective Workouts
Our instructors are rigorously trained to provide you with modified, safe, and effective workouts in a clean, welcoming environment.  It is our goal to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey by offering a variety of class formats and intensity levels to fit your schedule and fitness needs.

We’re more than a fitness studio. From owners to members, we’re all a part of the greater Gainesville Community. We are a place to grow, to get strong, and to build relationships.  All shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcomed into our encouraging Empowered community.  We’re here to help hold you accountable while celebrating your accomplishments inside and outside the studio.  We care about supporting local causes, and we care about you. Our community is not just a support system–we’re a family.

Empowered exercises transform beyond the body, building inner toughness and sculpting outer confidence for daily dedication and strength. Our workouts are designed to challenge and inspire so you can discover hidden resilience to take on the world in your everyday life.  Empowered is a place for our clients to renew, reignite, and reenergize.


Current Offerings:

Barre & Barre 101

This blend of ballet-inspired strengthening, Pilates core conditioning, and yoga stretches is designed to leave you feeling empowered and strong! Get ready to lengthen and strengthen your entire body, elevate your confidence, and challenge yourself while enjoying upbeat playlists created just for YOU in this effective and FUN format! In Barre 101, we've taken our signature format and modified the intensity to ensure all fitness levels gain insight into our terminology and have extra time for proper set up of each move. Come with questions and leave empowered and ready to tackle our other offerings with confidence!


Ready to sweat? This class incorporates high intensity interval training with empowering barre moves infused with cardio and core segments. Get ready to feel the burn at the barre!


Looking to improve your metabolism as you increase muscle and bone density? This functionally efficient workout will change and empower your body in new ways. Utilizing combination movement patterns in a targeted, rhythmic progression, its superpower is the dynamic integration of upper and lower body movements set to fun music.


Ideal for anyone and everyone, BodyBalance™ is a new generation yoga class that will empower your mind, your body, and your life. You can expect to bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves, elements of Tai Chi, and Pilates while an inspiring soundtrack motivates you to rise up and challenge yourself. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started.


Designed to empower your overall fitness, Pilates focuses on improving your posture, balance, flexibility, and alignment with special emphasis on strengthening your core.

Gentle Yoga

This all-levels class is perfect for slowing down while opening up. Unwind and de-stress while gaining flexibility and enjoying the release of held stretches. You'll leave feeling empowered, elongated, and ready for whatever comes your way.


Get ready Gainesville! Empowered is your opportunity to be a part of an amazing community while enjoying an incredible workout in a beautiful space. Not only that, but Empowered instructors are top-notch! They create motivating and inspiring classes that leave you feeling fit and wanting more. You’ll love their sincere desire to get to know YOU as a participant and as a friend. Studio manager, Amy, is on a mission to create an Empowering experience for everyone who comes through the doors. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be Empowered!.

Brinn S.

Empowered is both an amazing barre studio and an allover wonderful place!  The classes are fun and challenging, and they make me feel strong.   Empowered instructors and desk staff are so welcoming and friendly that it won't matter if you've hit your 100 classes or if it's your first day, you'll feel right at home!  On top of that, the studio is gorgeous and well-appointed with every detail thought out (hello, ceiling fans!)—I already have my spot picked out to tuck, pulse, and shake!

Katy H.

The Empowered Team is truly fantastic! I have had the pleasure of working out with these incredible women, and they make exercise so much fun! You learn to 'embrace the shake' as they distract you with helpful safety cues, hilarious jokes, and tons of encouragement. I can't recommend this place enough. Go check out their amazing space and experience it for yourself!

Kelly B.
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